Monday, June 1, 2009

The Negotiator

My son, the future lawyer. With negotiation skills and charm even the most polished litigators would envy ...

Yesterday morning
We're laying in bed just after waking up. Dad's downstairs procuring breakfast. Allen hugs me, and says:
"True friends eat donuts."
He had me at "true".

Last night
We'd just finished watching Toy Story 2, and it was time for bed. So the negotiating began:
Allen: I need to watch Toy Story again in your bed.
Mom: We're going to go upstairs and read a book and sing in your room, and then go to sleep.
Allen: No no no no no. That's not the choice I want. That's a bad choice. Let's talk about it.
After more back-and-forth, he tried again once we were upstairs: "Let's do something. Let's go in your yoom ..."

And here I am typing this post, as Allen sits between Brian and me in bed, eating jelly beans and watching Finding Nemo. This boy's got skills!


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Leigh said...

Oh my goodness, that OUTFIT! Off-the-chart-cuteness :)