Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bedtime Ritual

So, our bedtime ritual is to read one regular story, one Bible story, say prayers and goodnight to Daddy, and the for Mommy to sing. First, I recite the fruitage of the spirit, then I sing the ABCs, and finally I sing "Life Without End at Last," or as Allen calls it, "Can You See."

This week, Allen has decided that he needs to do it with me. It doesn't happen every night, but probably two or three times, he's joined in. Last night, Daddy was able to get some of it on camera. The sound is bad because we already had our white-noise fan on, but I think it's a beautiful show of Mommy-son bonding anyway. So I wanted to share.



KMag said...


Now, did he stay in his bed all night?

Jenn said...

how sweet! Amy loved it too- lopts of big smiles and giddiness!