Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sweet Boy Sweet Day

We had a great day today. Allen slept in his bed all night last night (which means we all woke up happy). We got up early and studied our Watchtowers. Daddy made breakfast (yummy egg-in-a-hole). We were only a couple minutes late to meeting. And besides one "take him out" incident, Allen was fabulous at meeting.

Mom and I each had a call we wanted to make after the meeting, so we went in service for almost an hour. I started a Bible Study with the woman I met a few weeks ago at Big Lots (neat story ... but it's a little long for a blog post). Allen was great the whole time, and when my call came to say hello, he said "Hi 'Mommy's call'" (he said her name, but in the interest of her privacy we won't share). And what was most awesome is that despite my call's physical disfigurement, Allen did not react at all. So that takes one of my concerns off my mind. I'll keep ya'll posted on the progress.

After service, we had a great lunch at Plums (he didn't spill any straws this time), stopped at Lulu Burgess (to pick up some hair accessories for me), and went home. During the majority of this time he was great (one minor meltdown at Lulu's).

By the time we got home it was about 3:30, so we decided to forgo the nap. He watched Cars and played with his cars until his bedtime. And while he was not happy about bedtime, he could barely keep his eyes open during the stories. By the time I got to the ABC song, he'd lost the battle and the eyes were closed.

And here's my sleepyhead now ...

Such a sweet boy today ...


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