Monday, June 15, 2009

Celebrating and nostalgic

Brian made me this martini tonight. It's in celebration of the news that I'm going to be sharing with you soon (told ya'll I wasn't pregnant). Gotta love a man who loads a martini up with four olives.

Anyway, I still don't want to share my news with you because it's not yet official. Once it becomes such I assure you that you won't hear the end of it. I'm so excited about it ... it's something that I needed to do for myself, and I'm amazed that it's becoming a reality.

Onto something I can share with you now. As ya'll know, Allen's been having a bit of trouble with bedtime. We've finally gotten to the point where he goes to sleep in his bed, and about half the time stays there all night. But this means more time that Mommy spends with him rocking him before I put him in his crib. And it's made me rather nostalgic.

The past few nights he has put his arms around my neck and his head on my shoulder. Our hearts are near each other. And it reminds me of when he was a little tiny peanut and I would lay him on my chest and we'd nap together. For a while, it was the only way to get him to nap for any length of time. Thinking about that makes me think of when he was still nursing, and when he was still so dependent upon me.

Sometimes I really miss those days ... when he was so little and so babyish. Now he's such an independent boy ... telling us what he "needs" and bringing us the snacks he wants. Negotiating with us (today he said, "I have five skittles and three skittles" ... too much).

It all goes by too quickly. Wish I could freeze the time a little bit ...



KMag said...

First of all, the picture of the martini was AWESOME!

Secondly, maybe it's time for peanut to have a cookie.

Megan Lynn said...

Aw, your post made me tear up a bit. I miss those days too!!! Somebody else better have a cookie soon for me to cuddle, because I'm not ready yet!

drevas said...

That baby pic is so cute! I don't think I ever saw that one before.