Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Answering, Baba Sheep, Making Friends

Allen and I took a trip to Pennsylvania over the weekend (leaving Friday and returning Monday). We stayed with Papa and Aunt Kissy joined us! We were there in honor of Jenn and Jeff and their upcoming bundle of joy! It was a crazy-busy weekend, but we had a lot of fun.

Sadly, I forgot my camera, so I have no pictures as of yet. But hopefully I'll get some soon to share with you. Allen had a lovely time with Kissy and Papa, and was ridiculously well-behaved and charming.

On Sunday, we had a mini family reunion at the meeting. Mom-mom, Effie, Cowin, Aubey, Missy, and Owen. Allen was so excited to see Cowin, that he sat quietly on his lap for almost the entire meeting. He was excessively good. He event attempted to answer! He practiced the answer, "prayer" that morning while we got ready. However, he has never answered into a microphone before, so he was pretty mesmerized by it. Rather than say his answer, he just breathed into the microphone ... Mommy was so proud of her future stalker/prank caller.

Yolonda threw a lovely shower for Jenn. The food was delicious, and I was thrilled to be there with my girls, and to see Jenn while she was still pregnant. She's beautiful, and glowing, and has the most perfect round belly. I can't wait to meet little Amy! Yolonda was once again the hostess with the mostess, making yummy food and entertaining us with her great stories and contagious laugh.

Allen was reunited with his future wife at the shower, too. He and Ava played and played ... chasing each other and playing with toys, and singing, and reading books. It was fabulous to see Allen interact so much with another little one. I'm glad they had so much fun together.

Sadly, our trip is already over, and we're back home. We had book study tonight at our newly remodeled Kingdom Hall ( I hope to post some pictures of it sometime this week). Four book studies met together tonight, so they used the opportunity to check out our new sound system. Allen had prepared another answer for this evening -- love (or as Allen says, "yove"). But since there was another microphone involved, all we got was the breathing again. About two minutes after we had moved on, he very loudly said, "YOVE YOVE YOVE!" I guess that's close enough :)

Evidently, Allen is an aspiring break dancer or gymnast because during the meeting, he decided to practice his moves ... he jumped, spun around, and attempted a hand stand. I was a little concerned, until I realized that there was a distinct possibility that Daddy had given him chocolate before the meeting. When I took him back to discipline him, he talked non-stop (and I mean non-stop) until the end of the meeting. I was unable to return to my seat because he kept yelling, "Mommy!" and crying when I told him to be quiet. NO MORE CHOCOLATE BEFORE THE MEETING.

Still flying high from his chocolate fix, he made Mommy and Nana sing "Baba Sheep" (aka Ba Ba Black Sheep) over and over again all the way home. When we didn't start singing quickly he enough, he would yell, "BABA SHEEEP!!!" Lovely ... fortunately, he did go right to sleep without any problem though.

Goodnight my friends ... miss you all and love you.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you thought Allen had a lovely weekend with me. I had a fabulous time with him, too. (It was pretty cool to see you, as well.)

Interestingly, I was in service this morning with a 4 year old. I demonstrated "round ball" on him so the car group could understand the game that Allen and I played. I call it a game, because I would "tickle under there" and he would shout "agin, agin!" It's funny, Alex said again, too. About 6 times.

Love you and miss you,