Monday, September 1, 2008

Dog walking, chocolate epic

Sunday was a lovely day! Allen and I woke up at about 7:30 and let Daddy sleep more, since he didn't get home till around 3:00 in the morning (he was doing security at the Kingdom Hall). We had agreed Saturday evening, that he would sleep in a little and then be on Allen duty so I could volunteer at the KH remodel. So Allen and I watched Little Einsteins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and ate a granola bar and cereal (with milk, and a "poon" that Allen eats all by himself). At one point, Mommy fell asleep on the sofa with the blanket over her, and Allen pulled the blanket off and said "Ome on Mommy!" in a very exasperated tone.

Once Daddy got up, Mommy got ready and Nana and Papa picked her up to go to the KH remodel. Much to Mommy's disappointment there were so many volunteers that there was nothing for us to do (I think Nana was a little relieved). Papa picked up a shovel and dug a ditch, while Nana and Mommy wandered and talked and tried to help with food. We did do a bottled water run which made me feel a little better.

Last night we went to Nana and Papa's for dinner. We were sitting on the porch while the puppies were eating their dinner, and

Allen kept saying "Puppies treats." So I thought he wanted to feed the puppies their dinner. Nana handed Allen a handful of their food, and he started to put it in HIS mouth! One of us swatted his hand away, and he just burst into tears. He was so embarrassed. He was inconsolable for at least a couple minutes. And he was grumpy for longer than that. But then, Allen "walked" the puppies.

Then we went for a longer walk ... with Allen in the stroller.

You can sort of see in the picture that Lily's leash is hooked on the handle of Allen's stroller. She pulled him a little ways down the street until Nana flipped out that we would hurt her.

Gigi made chicken cutlets (YUM) and tomato salad, and Nana made broccoli. It was a fabulous dinner, but Allen threw a little tantrum because he wanted cookies. Unlike Nana, Mommy and Daddy held their ground, and after what seemed like an eternity, Allen suddenly asked for chicken, and ate quite a bit.

After Allen finished dinner, he grabbed "bunny" (a rabbit figurine that Papa bought for Nana in Venice). One minute he had it, the next it was gone. We searched ... under furniture, in the trash can ... it turns out he put it in a drawer (which he had pointed to, but none of us were paying attention). Papa was so relieved that "bunny" was found, and not in the great unknown with Nana's ring and phone.

Since Allen ended up doing such a good job with his dinner, he was allowed to have "epic" (ice cream) for dessert. He thoroughly enjoyed eating his "chocate epic" while watching Dora.

I desperately want to continue to blog about our adventures today ... including a morning at the beach AND Allen's first answer at book study ... but I'm about to fall asleep. So I'll have to write more tomorrow. Stay tuned!!


Anonymous said...

Nana was worried that Allen, strapped into his stroller, would hurt Lilly? If she was strong enough to pull him a little way down the street, she would be strong enough to pull the stroller over and knock him on his head. Yeesh!


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