Monday, September 22, 2008

New Toys, Cous cous, Singing

The first day of autumn was an interesting day in the Craig household. Daddy hurt his back, so he took a muscle relaxant ... so he was pretty much out for the entire day. Allen was running a low-grade fever ... so he was kinda sweet and snuggly, kinda whiny, kinda holy terror. Mommy was tired. Running around after both her boys.

This morning we watched one of Allen's new presents (we went to Target with Nana last night, so the kid scored bigtime) -- Elmo's Potty Time. For the first two-thirds of the movie, he was riveted:

but then he got distracted by his Tonka trains (another present from Nana). Then, he decided to start playing with his Handy Manny Toolbox ...

Allen also played with Rocket, his markers, and demanded CHICKEN for lunch. Finally, after a long morning, he took a nice long nap.

When he woke up this afternoon, we decided to look at the Disney World website, since we're going on our first trip in February! He got very excited at the prospect of meeting Mickey and Minnie. I can't wait to see him there.

(In the meantime, Daddy is still passed out on his chair). I was going to take Allen with me to meeting tonight, but after throwing a massive tantrum, I decided he still wasn't feeling well, and that I should stay home with him.

While I ran out to get an onion and garlic from Nana's house, Daddy made some cous cous. Allen LOVED it (who knew?). Here he is eating it with some green beans.

After dinner, we enjoyed some songs. We sang, "Spidah," "Fishies," and "Tinkle Tinkle." At one point, Allen's antics caused me to forget the words to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." So I'm including that video too. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

You forgot the words to Tinkle?!!!!

I loved the video, though it was mostly just audio for me as they were very dark.

Thank you for sharing. I hope your boys are feeling better today.