Saturday, September 20, 2008

Watchdog, Spidah, Sicky

My boy is sick ... my love, my baby, my sweetness ... is sick. He sounded stuffy after his nap this afternoon. He was clingy and sleepy when Mommy got home from work. He cried hysterically at every little thing. He had a fever of 101.5. My poor little guy.

For those of you who aren't overly familiar with Allen's medical history, he's a pretty healthy kid. He ran a fever when he got his first shots. He ran some low-grade fevers when he was teething. He's only REALLY been sick once. I don't like it when he's sick. It hurts my heart. If I could, I would climb into his crib with him and hold him all night ... but I don't think I'll fit. I hope he sleeps, and I hope he's better soon. Because until he is better, Mommy will worry and fret and work herself into a tizzy. I guess that's what Mommies do.

In one of his contented moments this evening, he ate "pizzie" and made Mommy sing "Spidah" (Itsy Bitsy Spider) -- to which he does the hand motions -- and "Fishies" (Down in the Meadow ...) to which he sings "Boop boop" and "Shoo" (which he revs himself up for ... quite hilarious). One of these days, I'll get it on video for your enjoyment. He also called Mia "crazy." The things we are teaching this child!

After he got his tubbies and went to bed, Mommy, Daddy, and Mia retired to the upstairs porch to once again enjoy our new furniture. We studied our WatchTower and did our Bible reading by candlelight. It was relaxing and lovely and I think the best environment for personal study since you get to enjoy Jehovah's creation so much. The crickets and frogs provided the music; the stars twinked in the sky; it was an occasion on which I was very aware of Jehovah's creation and presence.

Mia was our watchdog ... quite humorous to watch a teeny little Chihuahua run around growling at every little sound she heard. I'm not sure what she was protecting us from, but she was quite diligent ... until she realized that I had olives in my martini. Then she was useless ...

Goodnight my friends. Love you all!

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Anonymous said...

I too hate that the Allen boy is sick. Give him extra kisses from Aunt Kissy, please.