Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ta-La, Jump, Fixing it

Allen has taken to saying "Ta-la!" instead of "ta-da." And when we say it the right way, he corrects us, and says, "No. Ta-la." He runs around the house, the yard, the kingdom hall ... wherever, and says, "Ta-la!" We don't know where he got it from, but it sure is adorable.

Last night at the meeting, he decided to show his teenagers his new jumping skills. "Jump!" he said to the group. And, one of the young brothers did, indeed jump (well, actually he just went up on his tip-toes, since a teenage boy jumping in the hall would be pretty disrespectful). With such a positive response, he decided to show off his break-dance moves. Once again, we're not exactly sure where he got this from, but it is quite entertaining.

We got our porch furniture tonight! So after dinner, we put it together, and Allen "helped." He hammered things, measured things, and supervised Mommy and Daddy. He kept saying, "Fix it!" We definitely need to get him his own tool kit.

Here's a picture of me enjoying our porch furniture (finally!).

That's about all for tonight ... have a wonderful evening, my loves!

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Anonymous said...

You certainly do look like you are enjoying your furniture. So much so that I can't tell what it looks like. Please send/post another picture sans Allegra.

Love you and miss you,