Friday, September 26, 2008

Snuggle Mommy

I just got home from a last-minute business trip to Pennsylvania. I'm exhausted. I ended up getting home about three hours after I was supposed to due to various US Airways delays (fun). Anyway ... I'm very glad to be back home with my boys. It was a difficult few days for all three of us, I think.

Allen did not like it that Mommy wasn't around. Daddy said that he walked around saying, "Mommy care" (carry), and then when I didn't pick him up he would start to cry. Wednesday morning when Allen woke up, Daddy brought him into our bed, like usual. Allen crawled to my side of the bed, and felt around for me. When he realized Mommy wasn't there, he just starting bawling. My poor little monkey :( He was very happy to see me this afternoon at the airport.

After I got Allen ready for bed tonight, I asked him if he wanted to snuggle with Mommy. He nodded and smiled, and said, "Snuggle Mommy." He was so excited. So we sat in our glider, and Mommy sang "Life Without End At Last" (at Allen's request) while Allen put his head on my shoulder and his arms around my neck. I did not want to let go.

Since I had this last minute trip, I didn't get to blog on Tuesday, which means I have pictures and a video to share with you, as well as a couple cute stories.

Tuesday morning the three of us went to the park because it was a fabulous Fall morning. We rode our bikes over, and then Allen tossed around tennis balls. The kid has a pretty good arm!

Some highlights ...

After the park, Allen and Daddy dropped Mommy off at the dentist's office. Since they were there, Dr. Zimmer and his wife encouraged Allen to ride in the chair and to look around. At first, Allen just pushed the buttons to make Mommy go up and down in the chair, but he did eventually take a ride with me. Once he got there, he did NOT want to leave. They ended up staying for about an hour, with Allen running around and playing the whole time. I was pleased that it didn't freak him out!

Tuesday night we went to Nana's for dinner. One of Allen's toys there is a set of nesting/stacking boxes that are based on Eric Carle's books. We spent about 45 minutes stacking and knocking these things down. Here's a cute video of it ...

My last story is about the Bible Story we read on Tuesday night -- Daniel in the Lion's Pit. After we read the story, we reviewed it with him. Then, we asked Allen, "Why was Daniel saved from the lions?" And Allen said, "Hovah shut lions" (translation: Jehovah shut the lions' mouths). Brilliant!

Goodnight loves ... I'm going to bed!

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KMag said...

I love this blog. The video was very dark (ambient light might help), but I could just see the shadow of Allen as you counted the blocks. He got more and more excited as you got closer and closer to 10.