Thursday, December 17, 2009

Allen's Latest Photography

This is me last night at bedtime. Once again, I helped out a bit, by moving myself into the frame, but other than that, Allen snapped the picture on his own. I'm telling you, he's got an eye.

Speaking of pictures, we got his first school pictures today. I'll scan them in tomorrow and show them off to you. They're gorgeous, as all photos of him are. Can't wait to share them with you.

Did you guys take good school pictures, or did you dread that time of year? I always dreaded it, and I think my pictures were good only about 50% of the time. What about you??



Jadian said...

wow, he really is quite the photographer! Getting his first school pictures must be very exciting. My school photos were usually quite awful, little girls with bowl haircuts and crooked teeth are not the most photogenic!

KMag said...

until my SR Portraits they were pretty awful. You were there, you know.

drevas said...

School pictures! How exciting! Mine were ok, as I recall, unless I've blocked out some really bad ones!

PWNort64 said...

I barely remember my school pictures. I should dig some up..that would be a hoot. Henry's are never seems like his hair is combed just right or he's wearing some kind of goofy grin that doesn't capture who he really is. But they are what they!

Jenn said...

yes, veryn bad, less than 50%