Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Humpty Dumpty and Backyardigans

Last night before bed, Allen pulled his pants down,  and started waddling around saying,
"I'm Humpty Dumpty. I'm Humpty Dumpty."

We're not sure why ... maybe because he thinks that, as an egg, Humpty Dumpty would waddle when he walks, but he thought it was hilarious and so did we.

Tonight on our way home from Nana and Papa's, Allen asked for his Backyardigans CD. Here's how the conversation went:
Allen: Backyard-a-igans pwease.
Daddy: Allen, say Back.Yard.Igans
Allen: Back.Yard. A-igans
Daddy: Back.Yard.Igans
Allen: That's what I said before. BackYard.A-igans.
And then he laughed hysterically.


PWNort64 said...

Of course Humpty Dumpty would waddle like a little boy with his pants around his ankles.

KMag said...

That's what I said "Back. Yard. A-igans."

I love it! That boy knows what he's talking about.

Hannah said...

Love the new blog theme!