Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back in the groove

allen's back to school ... and happy about it. really happy about it. makes it really easy for me, which makes me happy.

had some time home alone today. first this morning as i waited for the heating guy to come, and then this afternoon when O took allen to the park. it was great having time to myself to get a little bit done.

i had my first merchant council board meeting this afternoon, so allen was at the shop with mom for a bit. turns out he went upstairs to hang out with his "girlfriends" (H, O, and P live above the shop now ... three girls from the hall who allen adores). while he was up there, he had to go potty and peed a little in his underpants. they took off his wet underpants and put an old pair of P's underwear on him. so allen wore flowered underwear for the rest of the day. should i be disturbed?

so we're watching that show Sing-Off right now. i'm totally smitten with Ben Folds (he's a judge). he's just the most adorable thing with his glasses and his cheesy grin. he's one of my new famous crushes. poor Brian. he's having a hard time keeping up with all of them. i have some pretty strange ones too, like Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs and Mo Rocca. who are your crushes? anyone weird?



KMag said...

I am so in love with Daniel Craig (the new Bond). Josh knows that I could hyperventilate when I see him. Thankfully, he's been certified in CPR.

Aunt Adventure said...

Glad that things are back in the groove. Also, glad to hear that Allen is happy at school - this can be a stressful week - so glad he is not affected by that.
You asked for weird crushes and I got them - not sure if I should reveal. Good thing is right now I am single but I am sure these crushes will go with me - John Malkovich, Johnny Depp, Vincent Dinafrio (Law & Order: CI).
Have a great day!

Allegra said...

oh my goodness, AA, I have those same crushes too! love John Malkovich's voice; Johnny Depp is just beautiful; and I love how Vincent Dinofrio cocks his head to one side when he interviews people on Criminal Intent.


Sally and Lori said...

I believe that any Daniel Craig movie should be prefaced with a warning of beauty-induced hyperventilation. Lori is not a James Bond fan but will attentively watch one starring Mr. Craig.
Lori's "weird" cutie picks: Clinton Kelly And Lil C(So you think you can dance)
My picks: Anthony Bourdain and Hal(Father on Malcolm in the middle)

drevas said...

I "met" Vincent Dinofrio at a Natalie Merchant concert several years ago. That gave him extra points for me. He is also adorable in that older Matt Dillon movie I've seen several times and can't remember the name of... wait! Mr. Wonderful. (Warning: do not watch this one with children in the room. It is definitely PG-13.)