Monday, December 21, 2009


Allen and I had a great day at home together today. He was in a particularly good mood, which made me in a good mood (except for the fact that I sneezed 50 million times today).

This morning he counted to "fiveteen."
This afternoon he told Nana and me a story. It was really long, and I don't remember all of it, but I know he borrowed some of it from Backyardigans. Here's what I remember ...
A princess had a gweaming (gleaming) jewel that she brought to the sphinx, but then a dinosaur came and ate me so I couldn't help her.
He went on about the gweaming jewel and the dinosaur for quite awhile, and then this is how the story ended:
Then I pulled my pants down, and I peed.
It was great.

Nana came over after field service, and Allen wanted to know about her day. The conversation went like this:
Allen: So how'd it go?
Nana: Good. I placed a book.
Allen: Ohhhh ... That's so gweat! 
I think he might have told her he was proud of her or happy for her too. He's too much.

On a different note, did you watch the finale of Sing-Off? Did you guess the winner? Was it who you wanted?

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Hannah said...

Allen's so cute! I love his imagination...

KMag said...

He cracks me up! His support and appreciation for his family is so genuine and a tribute to the way his family speaks to him.


PWNort64 said...

Great story with a great ending (for a little boy).

Jadian said...

That seems like such a cute age...we have friends who have a little boy who can count to 11, but after that he skips to "w". So funny. Also, what is the picture of the cupcakes about..they look very yummy and creative.

Allegra said...

Jadian, the cupcake picture was just a cute, non-scary picture of dinosaurs that i found on flickr. they do look yummy, don't they?