Friday, December 11, 2009

Meandering Thoughts

I finally finally finally saw Julie and Julia tonight. Love love love it! Have you seen it? Did you love it too? I thought it was a wonderfully sweet little story, and loved learning more about Julia Child and her husband. What a fabulous marriage they must have had. As a wanna-be writer, though, it made me a little sad to know that I'm not influencing thousands with some fabulous blog that I've thought up. Oh well, I'm entertaining 11 people with the amusing antics of my 3-year-old. I guess that's something too :)

Speaking of the kid, he's still under the weather. Poor little guy. He's been sick for a whole week. Friday to Friday. I hope he starts feeling better soon because I'm getting a little worried about him. The fever is gone, and the Pink Eye nearly cleared up, but he remains quiet, clingy, sleepy, and grumpy. And he has no appetite. He barely eats all day. I'm beginning to miss his normal personality and his funny comments throughout the day.

I've been thinking about starting another blog ... I don't know what it would be about though. Thoughts, anyone? Or maybe Kristen and I should just resurrect the "Books I Read" blog. I don't know ... I'm just feeling the need to write more. What do ya'll think? Your thoughts are appreciated.

What are ya'll up to this weekend? Not much for us ... I have off tomorrow, so we'll probably just spend time as a family. I think dinner is at Mom and Dad's tomorrow night. Then Sunday, Dad has a talk in the Hilton Head congregation, so we'll be going there. After that we'll shop in Bluffton. Target and World Market, here I come!

Hope you all have lovely weekends, and I'm looking forward to your thoughts on my new blog questions.



KMag said...

Why not try keeping a journal? You know, write for you, not the whole world. I think that's what Julie (of Julie/Julia fame) started out doing.

I am definitely interested in resurrecting Book I Read. Maybe we could expand it to the books we are reading and loving,too.

No big plans this weekend. Getting my oil changed on the way to the market for groceries. Woohoo!

Kristen out

PWNort64 said...

I loved that movie, too. Actually, I'm not one to watch the same movie over and over, but I could see it again.

We're attending a chili cook-off tonight. I made a new recipe, but I'm not really 'contending', just attending for the fun and association.

We visited Target today as the kid earned some rewards through his excellent behavior. He had a lot of fun picking them out.

I think you should resurrect the Book blog and I like Kristen's suggestions about expanding the age range to include adult books.

Hope you have a great weekend and I hope Allen starts feeling more like himself.

ttfn, p

kate said...

Please give Allen 3 get well hugs for me. That's the number he gave me when you visited and it made me feel really good so hopefully 3 back will help him feel better.


Anonymous said...

Just got home from State College - visited with Great Grandma Craig and the rest of that branch of the family. All are doing well there, she is looking frailer, but in very good spirits and seems happy and content. We heard that Sally and Jason are expecting next spring, too, so the # of great grand-kids is increasing again. Tomorrow Collin is going to borrow the trailer and get the furniture from Tim and Annie's so I'll have a living room at last. Glad that Allen is on the mend, please give him hugs and kisses from all in PA.
much love - mommom

Jadian said...

I just saw Julie and Julia this weekend and it was very makes be almost want to try to de-bone a duck (did she really wrap it in pastry? Very impressive.) I enjoy reading your blog, but I can understand your desire to write something that will draw in more readers...I'll let you know if I come up with any ideas.