Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pajama Day

I'm a bad mommy. I'm totally ill-prepared for Allen's first school break. We've spent the past two days home all day watching Nick Jr. and snuggling and playing with cars. I wish that I would have prepared better and made some plans for us to do some fun activities, but alas, I'm at a loss.

In my defense, yesterday I had a major allergy attack and was miserable for most of the day (I'm a little better today, but still sneezing). And today Allen was a little under the weather, so we couldn't really be away from home much. But the point is that I had nothing planned. Tell me, wonderful Moms, what do you do with your kids on break? Do you plan special activities, or do you wing it?

Anyway, today was a pajama day. As I said, Allen was a little under the weather, so I was really not able to leave his side for much time. Everytime I told him I was going to take a shower, he whined that he wanted me to stay with him. So I did. Until 3:30. Then I finally showered and got dressed (but didn't do my hair or makeup).

Allen, on the other hand, is still in his pajamas.

He was not inclined to get out of them. He never is, really. We have a daily fight with him to get dressed. Today, I was not up for the fight. Do you ever stay in your pajamas all day? How about your kids? Do you ever let them stay in their PJs instead of getting dressed? Sometimes I wish Allen had Pajama Day at school like my friend H just had (loved that picture, P, by the way).

Not only did we not get dressed today, but we didn't keep the house too neat either.

(Allen took this picture)

With all my energy spent on being patient with my kiddo since he was pawing me all day (I'm a human lovey), I didn't have any left over to clean up or even to take pictures. Except for these:

In the first picture, he's begging for the camera, and he's saying, "Say fine, Mommy. Say fine." (I hate hearing myself in him). I don't know what he's doing in the second one, but doesn't it look like he's praying?

Well, that's it for today, my friends. Don't forget to enter my giveaway over at the shop blog!



PWNort64 said...

We love Pajama Day. I'd sit around in my PJs all day if I could.

The first time I really took a school break seriously was spring break of '09. I did have a list of activities and we did something fun and exciting every day. But really it was a list more then a bunch of planned activities. That gave me flexibility about what to do which day.

For this break, we're kind of winging it. And so far, that's working. We've gotten out of the house both days. We were even able to invite a friend along today. Tomorrow, I was thinking more about hanging at home and having a bike-riding/game playing kind of day.

KMag said...

"Say shoowa Mommy Mom...shoowa."

That was my version of "say fine."

When does the Chipmunks Squeakuel come out? Could you take him to see that?

What about baking. I hear he loves to "stiw."

The park could be fun.

Maybe it's time to introduce him to paint! Finger, watercolor.

I don't know. Can you tell?

Hannah said...

Pajama days are so much fun!
It doesn't take much for a fun break, really. As you get older and school gets more stressful, it's more important to have a relaxing break, but since Allen already has so much fun at school, I guess you could just try to do things that you wouldn't get to do with him otherwise. Stuff like the park, the beach, and playing with cars. It's all good, really. He loves you guys, so the more time he can spend with the both of you, the better his break. :)
Later, Leggy...:P

Jenn said...

Yes, Amy stays in her PJ's on meeting nights, unless we go out somewhere b/c we give her a bath right before the meeting, and then get her dressed,its just easier, b/c with her learning to feed herself she is a very, very messy eater.