Thursday, February 11, 2010

Darling Boy

Allen is displaying is boyish-ness lately. Potty humor -- check. Running around like a crazy person -- check. Sticking his fingers up his nose -- check. 

And in spite of our best efforts to tame him, he still finds it hilarious to talk about pee-pee and poopy and to chase Murphy around the house and to shove his fingers up his nose like there's candy up there.

So the other night we're in the midst of our bedtime routine. Allen is in his pajamas and on my lap, and we're getting ready to say a prayer. But the finger is up his nose. Again. 

"Get your finger out of your nose," I say.

He takes it out.... And then he wipes it on my cheek.

My jaw drops, shocked at such behavior. Brian falls over laughing.

How do I respond to that? 

Tell me, friends, do you have experience with "boy" behavior? How do you handle potty humor? How about fingers up the nose? Please, share your suggestions!


P.S. He cried tonight at the meeting because he didn't get to "answer into the microphone." He also told me he wanted to say "dinosaurs" and "I like to eat candy" for his answers.


mommom said...

"Brian fell over laughing" would that be included?! I tried, too, but you are living with the results. My best advice is to ignore and not laugh - but in this imperfect world...(refer to above!)
You will all survive, I promise :) Much love - counting the days.

PWNort64 said...

We have the boy behavior. I don't think you can shut it down completely, so I really just try to make sure that it isn't happening at the dinner table.

And sometimes, try as you will, you can't help but laugh. Which, of course, just encourages them.