Friday, February 12, 2010

Tool Fixer & Snow

Allen decided to get his tools out this afternoon. He played for hours with them. He has the Handy Manny Workbench toy, so we built a boat, a robot, and a birdhouse together. Then he walked around with his tool belt on (and tools in it), wielding a variety of tools in his hand, saying "I'm a tool fixer." He was very cute. Sadly I have no pictures of Allen the "tool fixer" to share.

As we were getting Allen ready for bed, it started to snow. It's still snowing out there. "The Girls" were so excited they went for a walk in it, and stopped at our house. O and Brian threw some snow at each other. Then they all came in to warm themselves for a few minutes by the fire.

Wanna see some pictures?

Isn't it pretty? Of course, I'm not too thrilled with it, given that Brian's driving in it right now (on his way to pick up Papa at the airport). I'm not worried about his ability ... just the road conditions ... it hasn't snowed here in 10 years.

I think some romping in the snow will be called for tomorrow morning, don't you? Then I have to work on my Italian Opera project (I'll share more once it's completed). Tomorrow night, we'll head to Maggie's Pub to sample their new menu (I may have to try the Beef Curry). And we'll be going in service Sunday after the meeting. 

What are you up to this weekend, my friends?



mommom said...

Like I said - "you call that snow!" Just kidding - we did service on Saturday or tried anyway. I wish we had a fireplace to warm by - then I would go out and romp in the snow, too. We'll have to work on something for next week - how about hot chocolate and little weinies?!
See you in 7!
much love

KMag said...

I'm being sick this weekend. Laid up with a terrible head cold. Working hard to get better.