Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Bowl Highlights

Some photographic highlights of our Super Bowl party ....
Allen and Cai chilling out (can you believe how big he's gotten?).
Allen and two of his favorite girls working on his Eric Carle puzzle.
Allen's other favorite girl (love this picture).
Tasha, Cai, and me (it's an awful picture of me, but cute of Tasha).
Allen and Cai crawling around on the floor.
Renee and Lili (the girls' Mom).
The men watching the game.
All us girls chatting in the dining room.
Tasha and her nephew.
The boys up to mischief of one kind or another.


PS All pictures taken by "the girls."


Hannah said...

Awesome pictures!! I especially love the one of Phoebe and Allen and I. :) We had sooo much fun that night! Thank you again for inviting us.

lori said...

looks like it was a fun party! great pictures of everyone!

p.s. allen's puzzle is so cool!

KMag said...

I am sure those boys were up to no mischief. They are perfect little boys. I know. The little blond one is just like me. No trouble at all.