Friday, February 19, 2010

I miss

Allen has been telling me, "I miss you," a lot. So much that I've realized that he doesn't actually understand what the word "miss" means. I think he thinks it's interchangeable with "love." So what, you're probably saying. Well, it helps to know this when I tell you the following story.

Lately, Allen's been wanting to "answer in the microphone" at meetings. But he doesn't want to answer what we prepare for him. He wants to answer something else. Last night, he wanted to say "I miss Jehovah ... and H and O and P."(well, he said their entire names, not the letters). He was whimpering about answering, so I let him raise his hand, and hoped he would say what I wanted him to ...

He raised his hand .... Papa (who was conducting the Congregation Bible Study) called on him ... the microphone was brought to his little mouth ... and he said ... nothing. Not a word. Then he whispered to me, "I want to say something else."

At least he didn't say what he told me he wanted to say, right? But then, the poor guy cried in the back for 10 minutes. I felt so bad for him. I didn't know what to do ... I know he wants to answer, but he can't just say anything ....

So I'm reaching out to my friend P ... how did you help H learn how to answer at the meetings? Did he struggle with wanting to say random things? Anyone else have any advice for me?



kate said...

Allen's really smart so try explaining to him that when he gives the answer you've prepared he is helping the whole congregation understand the lesson. Make sure he knows that everyone appreciates the great effort he has put in by studying ahead of time. I think he'd like to feel he's helping other people.

KMag said...

Doesn't he have a toy microphone at home? Couldn't we practice at home with that. Then he could say all the "I love (or I miss) yous he wants and still practice a real answer.