Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Toilet Thoughts

As Allen sat on the toilet tonight, he called me in to him:

"Mommy, I want you."
"Yes baby," I said, walking into the bathroom.
"I missed you," he said, looking up at me with those blue eyes.
Laughing, I replied, "I missed you too."
He smiled. Then he said, "Are you my friend?"
"Yes!" I replied.
Another smile. "Good." 
After another few minutes, he called to us again from the toilet ...
"What is Jehovah doing up in heaven?" he wondered, pointing up to the ceiling. "Is he playing games?"
The mind of a 3-year-old ....


KMag said...

I love your little boy! Can I rent him for a week? or a weekend?

lori said...

it must be true that men (as well as little men) do their best thinking on the toilet! ; )

Jenn said...