Monday, February 22, 2010

Pennsylvania Trip 2010: Highlights so far

As  is the case with most visits of which Owen is involved, he is one of the highlights. The boy is as charming as ever now that he can speak in words that we can (sometimes) understand. And for some reason he loves his Aunt "Eggy." And he loves for Aunt Eggy to take "Owen picture." So I did. And I shot some video, too.
(Owen decided Aunt Eggy needed to see his Yo Gabba Gabba Brobee underwear)
Allen and Owen are getting along much better than their last visit together, though there has still been some clashing and competition. They have been virtually inseparable since our arrival. It's really very very sweet.

Yesterday afternoon was Stephanie's surprise baby shower (yes, we did surprise her). She got lots of nice stuff, and so did Owen and Elijah (and even Allen).

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KMag said...

Glad to hear that the boys are having fun. Where are the pics of Elijah, though?