Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow, Singing, and Cupcakes

We awoke to a gorgeous morning with the snow already melting. So sadly, we had no chance to play in it. But we did get a picture of it before it was all gone ...

Since we slept in this morning, we lazed around the house in our pajamas for awhile before getting ready for our day ... Allen serenaded us  with some of his made-up songs, and I was able to catch one on video .... (which isn't uploading, so I'll have to try later).

As planned, we ran errands, but first we ate a delicious lunch at a new place called Shoofly Kitchen. I had the fruit and nut wrap and it was scrumptious. They have a cute little boxed lunch for kids that includes multi-colored goldfish. Allen was thrilled.

Allen has outgrown his dress shoes, so we went to the local shoe store -- Lipsitz -- to purchase a new pair for him (I'm all about supporting local shops ... have you heard of the 3/50 Project?). I love the owner of the shop because he really knows what he's doing, and he takes time to make sure the shoes fit well. And he interacted beautifully with Allen.

Anyway, I was able to get all my supplies for my Italian opera project that I'm working on for Allen's school. Allen's class is learning all about Italy this month, and one of the things being introduced to them is Italian opera. I will be visiting the class this week to tell them about opera and then to tell them the story of an Italian opera. I decided I should show up with visual aids, since we're dealing with 3-5-year-olds.

Now, I'm not sure how familiar you are with Italian operas, but they're pretty much all focused on sex and death. So I've had quite a time trying to find one that I could make appropriate for this age group. Originally, I'd planned on The Marriage of Figaro (sounds innocent enough, right), but it was so inappropriate that I couldn't find anything redeeming in it. So now I've settled on La Traviata -- a love story about a Courtesan who dies of Tuberculosis. I know I know ... what am I thinking, right? But at least I can tell it as a love story and end it before she dies. And we won't mention her occupation.

Back to my visuals ... I'm not finished yet, but I have made my little figures of the main characters of the opera. Aren't they cute?

I'll show the completed project once I get it finished.

Finally, Allen got "pupcakes" at the grocery store today. What are they, you ask? I didn't know either. Dad had to translate for me .... Cupcakes (how did I not know that). I think he really enjoyed it, don't you?
Then he sat next to me on the couch. I called to Brian in the kitchen, "Could you please bring me some water, babe?" And then Allen says, "Can you get me some chocolate milk, honey?"

I think that's all for tonight. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, my loves!


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KMag said...

First, your puppets look fabu! Second, I'm still laid up with this stupid cold. I have to be better tomorrow...there is so much to do. But for today, I'll snuggle on the sofa with my coffee and let Josh take care of me--when he returns form the KH, of course. (He did an excellent job yesterday!)