Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good Burger, Reminiscing

Allen spent the morning with Nana. I think they had a good time ... he usually does with her. She lets him do anything he wants. Nana asked him if he wanted lunch, and he said "No." But when he saw her eating a salami and cheese sandwich, he wanted one for himself. He called it a "good burger" (he says burger more like buhguh ... it's very cute). Pretty much anything between two pieces of bread is called a burger in Allen's world.

The rest of the day passed without too much excitement. This evening he picked up the book I'm reading, opened it up (upside down), and started to "read" it. He got so upset when we took it away at bedtime.

I've been awfully nostalgic today, so I thought I would regale you with some pre-blog Allen stories ...
  • He used to say F**K instead of milk. Don't ask me why. He has never heard that word, but he just could not get milk out. It was very embarrassing for awhile there ... fortunately he learned the correct (well, almost correct ... he calls it muk) pronunciation fairly quickly.

  • A couple weeks ago we were reading the story about Job in the Bible Story book. We showed Allen the picture of Job when he had leprosy. And we explained that Satan hurt Job. Allen said "Job hurt?" We told him he was right and went on with the story. Then all of a sudden, Allen says, "Is he OK? Is he OK?" He was so worried about Job because he got hurt. It was one of the sweetest things I have ever heard.

So we put Allen to bed at about 8:15 tonight (about 45 minutes ago). When we came downstairs, we could hear him playing with his crib brood for awhile. Then all was quiet for about 20 minutes. We heard a little bang though, so we went up to investigate ... he was standing up in his crib, holding elmo by his feet. I think the crib animals are a little too much for him so we removed the snake and the car. I took Snoopy out too, but he asked for dog to come back. Hopefully he will go to sleep now.

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