Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Friends, New Haircut

Today was a very good day for little mister outgoing. This morning at the doctor's office, he met a little boy named Jacob. Allen walked around going "Jaco ... come ere Jaco!" or "Jaco, I see you!" It was hilarious. Then, at Chick-Fil-A, he met an older boy, and they played peek-a-boo over the booth seats. He was cracking up ... it was so cute. And then tonight at dinner he met an older boy named Desmond, and Allen said, "Peesed ta meet you." He was hilarious.

Tonight he got his first "salon" haircut. It didn't go so well, despite the pictures. He was bribed by two lollipops, but the blue one got very fuzzy and then he started spitting to get the hair out of his mouth. He also screamed quite a bit. The owner of the salon said, "Well, we know he has a great voice ... maybe he can go into opera or something." Brian and I walked out and said, "Well for that kind of experience, we'll save the $20 and cut his hair at home."

Afterwards, we went to Carolina Wings & Ribs for dinner. He was so cute ... he reached over to grab Daddy's hand, and held it for quite awhile. It warmed Mommy's heart.

On the way to the salon tonight, he kept yelling for us, and saying "ephant" (elephant) or "feet" or "have shoes on." He just wanted to be part of the conversation so much! He's talking more and more each day. One of these days I'm going to videotape him and post it. So stay tuned ...


meganjensen said...

Oh my goodness, too cute! It's so fun to watch them grow up. I can't wait until Phoebe's talking...I'm so glad Kristen emailed us the link. Can't wait to see more pics. Congrats on baby number two! - Megan Jensen

KMag said...

I can't stand it! I soo wish that I was closer to see him making all these new friends and to hear him talk sooooo much. He is definitely his mother's son.

Aunt Kissy