Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Too Much TV, Recovering

Sorry it's been a few days since my last post. As I mentioned last time, we've been going through a bit of a rough time. We found out for sure on Monday that we did lose "Cookie," and yesterday I had a D&C. I also woke up yesterday with an awful cold or something ... so it's been a double whammy. But I'm recovering quickly, thanks to Brian and Mom taking such good care of me, and thanks to phone calls, flowers, and notes from family and friends.

So I think Allen may be watching too much television. Sunday after the meeting we went out to lunch. The waitress gave Allen a whole box of crayons so he could draw on the butcher paper on the table. He wanted us to draw "Rocket" and "Big Jack" (really, it's Big Jet) from Little Einsteins. Then he starting yelling (yes, I mean yelling) for "Jack" (jet). "Where are you Jack?" He was looking everywhere for him.

Then on Monday we went to lunch, and he put one hand on each cheek and yelled, "Oh Tooootles." That's from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I think Mickey must cup his hands around his mouth when he yells for Tootles and that's why Allen puts his hands on his cheeks. He yelled that for awhile too. He also knows the names of all the characters on the show. It's really quite cute, but I think we need to get to the park more often :)

At the moment he is "reading" a book I bought him about San Francisco. He's so cute when he reads. He's been very good to Mommy while she's recovering (she's not allowed to pick him up), by playing well by himself and understanding that I can't "care" him (carry him).

Well at the moment, my memory is failing me with regard to additional stories about my monkey (could be the drugs). But when I think of more, I'll post them. Thanks again to all of you for your thoughts, prayers, and kind words.


KMag said...

So at the end there, you thanked people for their "thoughts, prayers, and kind words." What about the flowers?! I send you a big bunch of flowers and nothing?

I know--you thanked me on the phone.

PWNort64 said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Rocket is still an all time favorite in our house. And I knew exactly what you were talking about with "toodles". How funny. Check out the Backyardigans as they are the new favorite...