Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rain-Ball, Phone, Flowers

So I have a sinus infection, and have spent most of the evening sneezing and blowing my nose ... which is why I'm not at the meeting tonight (I know I know ... such a heathen!). Anyway, it figures I would get sick now ... but that's OK. It's an excuse to take things a little easy, and to have a hot toddy (is that how you spell it?). Thanks to J and Y for introducing me to the healing power of the hot toddy.

After a day-and-a-half of not picking Allen up, I have been given the go-ahead to lift anything under 75 pounds. Thank goodness because if he looked at me one more time with those gorgeous blue eyes and said "care" and then cried when I told him Mommy was hurt and couldn't, I think I was just going to burst into tears. He seems to like me better already :)

We played outside a bit today ... and I got my camera out and took tons of pictures. Allen wanted to throw his soccer ball around, and he decided to throw it into the bird bath. Each time he did it, he would say "Uh-oh, rain, ball" meaning that there was "rain" on the ball. Here's a shot and a video clip of it ...

Mom ... watch this!

Sorry for the background noise ... lots of construction around our house. But basically, he's saying "Uh-oh, rain ball" and "Where'd ball go?"

As some of you know, Allen is obsessed with talking on the phone. After the Kissy phone call debacle, I've realized that offering to let him talk to actual people on the phone is not really an option unless I'm in the mood for a tantrum. But, pretending to talk on the phone is awesome ... enjoy this video clip, and notice what Brian and I call the "pa-pa shake." Let me know if you see it (we were in hysterics over it, which made Allen quite upset).

Here are some other random shots of my ridiculously cute kid ...

A very important phone call, obviously

He got a fat lip last night at Nana's, but you can't really see it here ...

I see the light ...

Daddy's home!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love the videos...keep 'em comin'

Have fun with Lori!