Monday, August 4, 2008


Today was a fairly calm day. Mommy is feeling particularly tired these days (I am growing a baby, after all), so we laid low today. Allen was alternately sweet and sour all day ... one minute he's playing quietly by himself, the next he's taking a huge sip of milk and spitting it out all over the living room.

Anyway, one cute highlight of the day ... he was reading one of his favorite books to himself -- Llama Llama Red Pajama -- and he knows the story so well, that he can look at each picture and tell the story pretty well. He said, "Mama, run run run," then "Tizzy," and then "Patient." For those of you who know this book, you understand just how cute this is. For those of you who don't know the book, I highly recommend it (if you have children, that is). It's a really great story for little ones Allen's age.

Tonight he added to his crib brood ... we now also sleep with a rubber duckie that he got from a Westin hotel in Atlanta. Don't ask me why .... I fear that with his companions in his crib with him that he may not have actually napped this afternoon, but played quietly. I wouldn't actually know, since I was asleep within five minutes of putting him down for a nap, but he did seem awfully tired tonight (we had a major meltdown this evening before bed).

Tomorrow we're off to see the first picture of "Cookie." I'll try to scan the ultrasound pictures and post them soon.


PWNort64 said...

"Llama Llama" is one of our favorite books. Henry can almost "read" it, too. My favorite line is about the "llama drama".

KMag said...

I love deliberate spit takes!