Saturday, August 23, 2008

Long Absence, Mamma Mia, Soup

I apologize for the delay in posting. We have been quite busy this past week with house guests. Lori-love arrived on Monday night, and we were fortunate enough to get to have her stay until Saturday evening (tropical storm Fay was kind enough to stall over the Jacksonville area so Lori was able to extend her visit). We also had the pleasure of a visit from Mom-mom from Thursday evening until today! So, needless to say, we have been very busy in the Craig household (and very tired).

Last night we all went to see Mamma Mia. Allen has been to movies before, but usually they are of the animated variety. But since this movie was a musical, we thought maybe he'd enjoy it. Boy did he ever! I have never seen him sit so still for so long. He sat in his booster seat staring up at the screen for the longest time. There were some moments where he participated as well ... some dancing and arm raising, stuff like that. He did really well.

Afterwards we went to a Japanese restaurant, where Allen insisted on feeding himself soup (he really digs those big spoons). Mom ended up wearing the majority of the soup after he dumped the bowl over. Other than that though, he did very well.


Anonymous said...

No picures? 'Ome on! I'm dyin' here!

Love ya,

Warren said...

We need pictures!!