Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You too can have a camera

Boy do I have a lot to blog about ... I hope I can remember all the stories I want to share. Before I get started though, I wanted to let those of you who are having trouble viewing my "Scrapblog" to click on the "view full size" button. It will open a separate window and load much more quickly. Moving right along ...

Nana watched Allen today, and they had a fabulous time eating cupcakes and cookies, and all kinds of things that Mommy and Daddy try to limit. Anyway, Gigi was teaching him silly things to say today. Tonight, I was trying to get Allen to tell Daddy what Gigi taught him to say, and he said, "Nana farts!" It was hilarious! We immediately called Papa and tried to get Allen to tell him what Nana does. I kept saying, "Allen, tell Papa what Nana does," and Allen would say, "Papa." Well, kind of ... but we won't get into that :)

Then we were trying to get him to sing songs. We started with "Twinkle Twinkle," and then "You Are My Sunshine," neither of which was very successful. Then I started to sing "Life Without End At Last" (I sing that to Allen when I'm trying to settle him down). To truly get the sense of this, I will italicize the words that Allen sang ...

Sing out with joy of heart

You too can have a camera

That's an interesting version of the song, isn't it? He did eventually fill in just about every word in the song that I asked him for (including childhood, or as he says, chiiillld). He really is a smart cookie.

After dinner, he went outside with Daddy to play in the water while Daddy watered Mommy's plants. Here are some pictures, and a video ... very cute.

Allen is really into names lately. It's funny ... he picks up on everything we say, so for a few months now, he will occasionally call me "Honey" (what Brian calls me) or he'll call his Daddy "Babe" (what I call him). Now he's added some new names to his repertoire. Sunday morning, Brian was trying to wake me up, and he's gently shaking me, saying "Honey, we need to get up." And Allen chimes in and says, "Bwian, Bwian, get up." Close enough ...

Allen's really good at saying people's names, but not their "titles." For instance, he doesn't say "brother" or "sister" before he says someone's name at the Kingdom Hall. He just says their last names. Two of his favorite people in our congregation are brothers with accents. I've mentioned Brother Adjei before (Allen just calls him "uhJAY"). He also loves Brother Watkis, who happens to be the reader in our book study. Last Monday night, Allen whispered "Watkissss" through the entire meeting. And ever since, he looks for him at the Hall and excitedly says his name. So this past Monday night, he learned the Marconis' name ... except he can't quite pronounce it correctly. At first it was "Corneys, Corneys!" Then it became "Coneys, Coneys ... where are you Coney?." It's really quite sweet.

Nana, Allen, and Mommy went to lunch at Chick-Fil-A on Monday, and we saw Brother Tobias. He was in service, and stopped in to use the restroom. So as Allen was saying, "Hi Bias," Brother Tobias was hurrying off to the bathroom. I explained to Allen that Brother Tobias had to go potty, but he would be right back. Allen said, "Bias poopy?" Something like that kiddo :)

That's all for tonight. Stay tuned ....

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! I loved the video...good that you stopped as Allen was choking. I love that he walked around looking for more and then finally said "Again!" And I love to hear him laugh. I wish I could bottle it up! (Can you tell that I loved this installment?)

Okay, enough from me. Can't wait to see you both in a couple weeks!