Saturday, December 20, 2008

Allenisms, Part IV

Well, the kid is at it again, so I decided to devote this post to the latest and greatest "Allenisms."

We heard these little gems last night at dinner:
  • It's mees (I guess that's like, "It's mine")
  • Told you (he said this to Daddy after Daddy gave in and let him eat a piece of candy cane before dinner, even though we had told him he had to wait until after dinner)
  • Juuuiice teeeattts (said while squeezing my face with his little hands ... think "Hi, my name's Chubby" kind of squeezing my face)

Here are some other random things he's been saying/doing lately:

  • "Yeah, me too." (Mind you, he says this whenever he wants, and not usually when it's actually the appropriate response)
  • "Kanagoo" (kangaroo)
  • He's begun introducing himself and his family to others ... "Hi, it's Allen. It's Mommy. It's Daddy."
  • "Shake it" (he got this from a cell phone commercial).
  • This might be a repeat, but he always checks on us. "I check Daddy now. I check Mommy now."
  • The other day he called out to a stray dog (from the car), and said, "Puppy (kissing noises), come here, sit on my yap!" When we told him the dog was too big to sit on his lap, he yelled, "Come here, sit on Mommy's yap!" This went on for some time. Then, when the dog refused to move at all, Allen said, "Puppy, MOVE!" It was great.
  • He randomly tells us the names of all the people he loves, in no particular order, but is careful not to leave anyone out (including baby Cai).
  • Says, "I'm scared" at random times (usually he's not actually scared).


KMag said...

Does he remember Kissen when he's listing the people he love (said with a pout on her lil ol' face)?

Jenn said...

love the it's mees and the dog story