Thursday, December 25, 2008

The sweet, the hilarious, and the naughty

My own version of the good, the bad, and the ugly ...

It's been an interesting couple days ... and a really rough night. It's after 11:30, I'm on my second glass of wine, and I'm still stressed out ... but more on that later.

Since I'm so exhausted, I'm just going to post a list of the "gems" we've heard or seen from Allen over the past couple days:

The Sweet

  • Called all his loved ones this morning and talked with each of them (except for Kissen who was having her brunch today). Told Papa "yuv ou" unprompted. That's the first time he's done that with anyone other than Mommy or Daddy. Also told everyone else "yuv ou" I think.
  • Talked to "baby" Owen, and laughed each time Owen said something. Then said, "again" every time he said anything. Also loved talking to "Aubey." Having no cousins myself, I'm thrilled to see that he already loves Owen and Aubrey so dearly.
  • Finally said "No thank you" instead of just "NO."
  • Talked to the people sitting in front us at the movies before it started (also talked to them during the movies, but that falls somewhere between sweet and naughty). Introduced Mommy and Daddy and told them about the "chocate cookie" he was eating.
  • Said, unprompted, "Mommy pretty. Mommy sweet."
  • Says, "Awwww, Mimi."
  • Told us that "Hovah" made the moon.

The HilariousBulleted List

  • "Mommy, pinch hiney peese!" This is what I heard last night while Daddy was getting him ready for bed. And at other times since (particularly when changing his diaper).
  • "Nana in the potty," he informed the people sitting in front of us at the movies today.
  • Pretended to take mommy's temperature by sticking the thermometer on my butt (thank goodness I was wearing pants).

The Naughty

  • Slammed his head into the chairs along the row we were sitting in at the meeting (knocking a couple off their back legs).
  • Walked down the row to talk to the people sitting at the other end.
  • Ran away from me (after being disciplined), taking off for the other side of the kingdom hall (during the meeting) which forced me to run after him trying to grab him and resulting in me tripping him and causing him to fall on the floor.
  • Screamed "NO" several times during the meeting.

Thus, the two glasses of wine needed after the meeting.


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KMag said...

The sweet far outweighs the naughty.
Remember, he "yuvs ou" more than anybody else.