Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Zebra Says ... Cai Sleeping

Last Tuesday night the Easleys/Stokes came over. Fun was had by all. I actually cooked. I picked a couple Giada recipes in honor of Tisha, because she loves her and I love Tisha :)

But I digress ... anyway we all sat around talking, and that cutie Cai fell fast asleep. Of course I had to snap some pictures. Look how cute he is!!

As you may know, Allen is very good at telling us what various animals "say." We take turns calling out names of animals, and telling each other what they say. Well, the other day, Allen called out "zebra." I was momentarily stumped. But now I've decided this is what a zebra says.

It's a little-known fact that zebras say, "This place is cacka-cackin" (or cracka-lackin). Also notice the lovely terrible-two-scream :)


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KMag said...

Was "Marty" making a lot of toots in the tub or was it just my imagination?