Thursday, December 4, 2008

I can pull it off

A non-Allen-related post. Well, let's be honest here ... the fact that I'm a mommy probably has something to do with this "fashionista"-type post in an I'm-still-hot-even-though-I'm-a-mom kind of way, but it's not directly related to him so it's a non-Allen post.

I was talking to my lovely friend J today, and she was telling me that she loved my earlier sassy outfit picture. So I told her that I wore those leg warmers out to dinner last week, and she told me that I can do it because I can pull it off. I have that confidence. Well, J, I don't think it's confidence as much as it's me being in denial, but I thank you nonetheless. And on that note, I have another "sassy" post for you :)

Before I show you the pics, I want to provide a little background (aka justification/ rationalization). About a year ago, I went on a whirlwind shopping spree one day before a wedding. We had flown up to Pennsylvania to attend a dear friend's wedding, and I had nothing to wear. Since Beaufort is not exactly a shopping mecca, I decided to pack lightly and shop for my entire outfit at the King of Prussia mall. So I ended up with this adorable Betsey Johnson dress (I tried to find a picture, but was unsuccessful. Sorry). It was blue, with black lace accents. I got a sassy little wrap to go over it. I got ridiculously fabulous earrings to match. Things were going well ....

So off to Nordstrom to get the shoes and the makeup. One thing I was at least semi-sane about was the shoes. I got great Steve Madden black heels. I knew I could wear those frequently (and I have). I got awesome, over-the-top M.A.C. makeup (think silver ... blue ... glitter).

Things were just about perfect, but I stopped at the Bare Escentuals store since I needed my basic makeup. And I found this great mascara in sapphire. I'm a sucker for sparkles and glitter. I rationalized that since my dress was like the exact same color, I needed this mascara. I assured myself I would use it again. And I bought it. I wore it at the wedding ... and I haven't worn it since. Until yesterday.

And I have to say, I love it! When the light hits my eyes in the right way, I see sparkles. Brian sees the sparkles. It's kind of sexy (OK ... I think it's sexy. Brian says it's "cute"). The pictures don't do it justice, but they give you an idea, at least. And remember, you don't have to get the sapphire mascara. There are other color options as well ...

I may be a mommy, but I can still (try to) look hot, right?



allegra said...

hey Allegra!

I'm so glad you said hi. I've never met another Allegra before. Ok, maybe once. I went into pier one the other day and the girl ringing me up--her name was Allegra. She looked at my credit card and I looked at her name tag and we both laughed. It was fun. Woot woot for the coolest name on the planet:) How fun. Thanks for letting me peek into your fun life. What a darling little peanut you have. Really, he's SO cute!

p.s. good for you for being a hot momma. and that you are. i LOVE Mac makeup. Their eyeshadow is the best.

KMag said...

The giant eye was a leetle creepy, but you certainly can be a "hot momma" and a hot mommy. After all, our last few visits I've had you doing my hair and makeup.

Love ya lots,

Jenn said...

Love the eye shadow, sparkles always make everythinng extra special and fun! Do you have a picture of your dinner outfit I'd love to see it>

merc3069 said...

I LOVE Lahiri! That book was one of my favorites this year. If you like that, you have to get her short story collection "Interpreter of Maladies";-)

Anonymous said...

Okay, so Brian isn't as expressive as he should be - at least you got "cute" - his dad never even noticed new dresses or haircuts for days at a time, remember?!?
With my blue eyes, don't you think I need a sapphire mascara? Especially when I do makeup - like once a year!
By the way, in case my son forgets - January would be great - let me know the dates so I can plan it.