Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hey Bob

Daddy was sick tonight. So Allen and I went to the meeting by ourselves. I'll admit, that with the issues we've been having lately, I almost bailed out. But I decided that wasn't what I wanted to teach Allen.

Even though he was feeling pretty darn bad, Brian helped out by getting Allen dinner (and praying that Allen would be good for Mommy), suggesting that we "chase" Allen around the house (to wear him out), and getting him dressed for the meeting.

We drove separately from "Nana" just in case it was a really awful evening. We got there just before the meeting started, and got seats in the second row from the back. The meeting started and Allen decided to lay down on the floor and "sleep." He did this for the entire first half of the meeting. He was disconcertingly quiet.

When we got up to sing the song at the half, he started to get a little fidgety. I took him outside to reassure him that he was doing a great job, and that if he was good for the second half he'd get a reward. "GUMMY BEARS," he yelled. I whispered back to him, that yes, if he was good for the rest of the meeting he would get them. He proceeded to tell me a story of which I only understood certain words, including "Hovah," "sing," and "prayer." At least he knows what happens at meeting, right?

He was OK for the rest of the meeting, and was very quiet during the prayer. He yelled, "AMEN" at the end, and the entire congregation ( I swear) laughed. It was so sweet. I would call it a successful meeting.

Daddy was armed with GUMMY BEARS when we got home, and we got right to the bedtime ritual. We read our "Bible book" story about Rahab and the spies. For our review, we tried to teach him to say Rahab. Here's how it went:

Parents: Can you say Rahab?
Allen: Heybob
Parents: (laughing) Ray hab
Allen: Hey bob
Parents: Ray
Allen: Ray
Parents: hab
Allen: bab
Parents: Ray-hab
Allen: Hey-bab

Then he got too embarrassed to say it anymore. What a cutie.



PWNort64 said...

Great news about the meeting. Keep it up, Allen! Pass the Gummy Bears.

KMag said...

I'm very proud of you both. Was he really sleeping?