Sunday, December 14, 2008

Murphy Hendricks, Strange Pants, Cute Face

So here are the three boys from the litter! Which one will be our little Murphy Hendricks? I cannot wait to meet them to see their little personalities, and to see which one Allen bonds with most. He is very excited. He looked at all the pictures tonight, and pointed at them all, saying "Look!" (And yes, everyone, I ignored your advice against me getting one. Look at those faces! How can I resist??)

Moving on ... so Allen got these adorable pants from Mini Boden (thank you Nana). And I love them, but I think the back pockets are a little big, don't you?

As Brian pointed out, his little butt is already big enough with the diaper. Do we need the huge pockets to further accentuate it? Oh well, maybe they won't seem so huge once he is diaper-less.

Finally, here are a couple cute pictures of my kid's adorable little face. Every time I want to rip my hair out over his terrible-two-antics, I think of, or look at, this adorable face and my heart melts.

xoxo my friends,
P.S. Thank you, Clark Family, for the great photos of the puppies!


KMag said...

I love that little face, too.

Aunt Kissy

Jenn said...

Yes. those are big pockets- Yes those puppies have the cutest faces! My vote for the cutest face is tied between the one on the left and in the middle.