Monday, December 22, 2008

Be Happy

First of all, thanks to everyone (all six of you) who participated in the poll. We tied for Stellaluna and Goodnight Moon. Hopefully Kristen and I will have an exciting announcement along the lines of this poll soon, so stay tuned.

We haven't had too much excitement around the Craig household this weekend. I fell in love with a Ben Folds song, but other than that and the normal cuteness of "the kid" I don't think there's been too much that is "blog-worthy."

We had a low-key day today. We were going to go in service, but the temperature dropped, ohhh about 40 degrees, between yesterday and today, and since Allen didn't yet have a winter coat (it arrived today), we decided to stay inside. We played and read books and watched the Noah DVD and did laundry and went to meeting ... it was pretty uneventful. But here are a couple highlights (sorry, no pictures).

Allen loves to help me with the laundry. When he hears the dryer door open, he calls out, "I'm comin' " and runs to help push the laundry into it. Then he likes to close the door "tight" for me. He also helps put the dried laundry into the basket for me to fold. It's very sweet.

We bought a spray bottle to use to train Mia not to sit up on the back-cushions of our sofa anymore (it's working beautifully by the way). Well, Allen enjoys getting sprayed in the face with it. At one point today, he was soaked from Daddy spraying him with it. He also likes it when Daddy sprays the water into his mouth (strange child, isn't he?).

I was impressed by his listening capability today. After having a time-out for not listening to Daddy about something, he changed his tune completely and obeyed each time we asked him to clean up one toy before bringing out another. Very impressive, considering his recent behavior.

Allen ate lunch before Mommy and Daddy, and was onto his dessert of Gummy Bears (because he sat at the table at ate his lunch so well) by the time we were eating. But he came over while Daddy prayed before our lunch. He closed his eyes right away and held my hand. During the prayer -- with his eyes still closed -- he reached into his little bowl and snagged a gummy bear. Brian and I lost it.

We watched the Noah video this afternoon as our "meeting practice." He did really well with it. He was mesmerized by all the animals and the ark. We were impressed and thought that it was a good sign for book study tonight. So we practiced an answer.

Dinner was good. We got in the car OK. He was excited for "meeting" when we arrived at the Kingdom Hall. And then it all just fell apart. He was pretty much awful for the entire meeting. Except for when he answered. He went right over to Daddy and sat on his lap while the paragraph was being read. He raised his hand before "Coni" asked the question. Fortunately, "Coni" saw that and called on him right away. He gave his answer (to paragraph 16, for those of you who want to know): "Be happy." He said it loudly (but not too loud) and clearly. And then he went back to being terrible. So terrible that he did not get any gummy bears tonight.

I think that's all for now. Goodnight my loves. Oh, and to answer your question, Kissy, rest assured that you are always among the list that he rattles off to us.



Papa said...

I would have voted for Nut Brown Hare

drevas said...

I love Regina Spektor, even more after I linked from the Ben Folds song to this vid:
Oh and does Allen want to come to RI and help me with my laudry please?

KMag said...

I get dibs on the laundry assist.

I do feel better knowing that Kissy is in his long list of people he yuvs. I'd like to be on the short list, too, but I do understand if I'm not. It's very good that he is enthusiastic about commenting. The sitting still will come...just continue to be consistent. You're doing a fabulous job.

KMag said...

Think Dad meant "Guess How Much I Love You"?