Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Guilt Trip

So, my sister guilt-tripped me today ... complaining that I hadn't posted in *gasp* three days! But then I went and looked at her blog, and she hasn't posted recently either. So ...

Anyhoo ... we've been very busy down here. Nana, Papa, and "Gamma" arrived Monday evening. Doug and Heidi arrived last night ... it's been family central here in Peanut-land. So I have no pictures to share at the moment, but I'll pass on a few little gems ...
  • Allen decided that his meeting entertainment last night (during the CO's visit, no less) would be to choke Mommy with her necklace. He sat in the seat next to me, and pulled as hard as he could on it. And then looked at the sister behind us and grinned (this was done repeatedly).
  • After the closing prayer last night, yelled, "Amen. It's over!"
  • He looked at me this morning, and said, "Nana, Papa, Gigi, Gamma, peese!" indicating that he wanted to go see them at Nana's house (mind you, we were all still in bed at this point).
  • Allen decided that it would be fun to kick Zoe's legs out from under her, and then laugh as she collapsed onto the ground (for those of you who don't know, Zoe is Nana's 14-year-old dog who is deaf, blind, and has a spinal cord injury). Now, to prevent hate-comments from animal activists, please know that Zoe is a small dog, and that my son is not kicking hard ... more like a gentle tap with his foot. Also, please know that Zoe's legs give out numerous times in a day, and she collapses frequently. Apparently, my son finds this humorous and decided to help her along. Obviously, he didn't realize that this was mean. We did tell him that it wasn't nice, and he stopped, though.
  • He said "Uncle Doug" all by himself (he never says Uncle or Aunt, so this was pretty amazing).
  • Allen and Doug were playing with his blocks, and then Doug started talking with the adults. Allen didn't like this too much, so he started tapping Doug on the leg, and said, "Doug. DO IT!" OK then ...

More stories to come, I'm sure. Including pictures of Allen's rearranged room (which he absolutely adores).



Megan Lynn said...

Oh Phoebe loves the choke mama game! I haven't been able to wear a necklace in months! She also loves pulling my earrings... I've had to resort to really sassy stud earrings as a survival mechanism.

KMag said...

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to guilt trip you. You just keep talking about his room.