Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Naughty puppies, toes, cherries

Kristen ... this one's for you :)
As ya'll know, Kristen was here about a month ago, while our Mom went off to Grand Cayman with our Dad. I had several posts that discussed Kristen's visit, including one of her making our drinks, but those were with my camera. So here are a few more pics of her visit that were taken with her camera. Hope you enjoy ...

I forgot to close the bathroom door, so the puppies got in and did some damage ...

Allen is trying to keep his maraschino cherry away from the pups (Kristen was making Manhattans again this night, hence the cherries).

Mom took us to get pedicures. I convinced Kristen (after the woman offered it to us) that we should get little designs on our big toes. Look how pretty!



PWNort64 said...

Very cool...I always have designs on my big toe (although I haven't had a pedi in months). Dolly does the same with the toilet paper! And Henry does the same with his cherries. Totally can relate to this post!

KMag said...

Thank you! Maybe I'll get a post out about this most recent visit!


merc3069 said...

Hi! As you probably know from reading my blog, it has been hard here lately. I was sure happy to pop online and learn I had a new friend. Allen is too cute!