Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bathroom adventures part 2; I burped; My numbah

What a weekend! We had a busy day Saturday. First we went in service, and then we went to the 1st Annual Beaufort Twilight Run, which benefited the Riverview Charter School. Joli was sponsoring it, so we were manning the shop most of the evening.

Allen's favorite part of the evening was the Wee Stream (I hope to post pictures soon) -- a miniature Airstream trailer that is being raffled off to benefit the school. Allen loved it, and spent most of the evening there or trying to get there.

Another highlight was the kid's fun run that we signed Allen up for. He was very excited about it until we got in the starting line. Then he decided that Mommy should carry him and run in the race. Mom's still recovering from that.

All that running around seemed to make his cold/cough a little worse, so Sunday was spent at home convalescing. We watched a couple movies, and he played with his cars. All was fine until around 7:00 when we sat down for dinner. Allen began complaining of a "tummy egg." At first, it was all very good-natured, but then he started to get really uncomfortable. The next hour was spent with him crying, "My tummy hurts!" and grabbing at his belly.

We tried a bath (Allen's suggestion). It didn't work. We bounced him. It didn't work. We rocked him and held him. It didn't work. We called the pediatrician. He said it could be appendicitis but in all likelihood it was the beginnings of a stomach bug. He told us if Allen got no relief within a half-hour to take him to the ER. Uncle Collin suggested some massage techniques which Daddy administered. All the while poor Allen continued to cry and writhe around unable to get comfortable.

Mommy was upstairs getting dressed for the trip to the ER, so Daddy and Allen went downstairs to wait for Nana who was bringing some "fizzy water" for Allen to sip on. That's when Allen finally got some relief. As he put it, "I burped on Daddy's shirt." And, "I got sick on Daddy and the floor, and the counter, and the sink." Brian said he's never seen anything like it. I saw the aftermath, and I don't think I've ever seen that much puke at once. Poor baby.

We got him back into the bath to clean him up, and by the time Nana arrived, he was as good as new. No more "tummy egg." No more crying. He came downstairs, ate, drank, watched some of the Discovery Channel's Planet Earth, and then decided he wanted to go to bed. No more vomiting since.

Moving onto this morning ... as I have recently shared with you, mornings at my house can be, well, interesting to say the least. Here's what greeted me as I stepped out of the shower today ...

He decided to "sleep" on the floor while I cleaned up. Thanks, Kid. Then, when we got him dressed he decided he need to wear his "numbah" from the kids' fun run Saturday. He wore it until nap time.

That's all for now ... though knowing my son, he'll provide me with more fodder for the blog before the day is over ...


KMag said...

Thanks for the photos. How'd you get your "if you liked this story, you might like these"?

Sorry the peanut made you carry him on your arthritic knees for a three mile run. Did you run/jog/walk?


Allegra said...

no no, not a three-mile run. just the kid's fun run ... it was way shorter.

i saw the widgit on someone else's blog and there is a link underneath where you can get it on your own, so i did it.

Papa said...

She didn't carry him for three miles -- but she did carry him about a quarter mile. Brian and I pushed him in his car/stroller and we also took Murphy -- who wanted to run. So I ran with the little runt for about a quater mile a couple of times and that slowed him down. The last mile (maybe less) of the 5K walk -- Allen wanted "Papa care" -- and so I did.

I couldn't resist a thing from this kid. When I showed up on Thursday AM to see him he jumped into my arms and and said "Papa! I missed you!" You get a lot of mileage out of that kind of love.

drevas said...

I love the bamboo shades. Where did you get them? We had oddly sized windows, including two bay windows, and so far no window treatments of any kind, but I definitely like that look.

Allegra said...

danielle -- we got those shades at Lowe's, of all places ...