Monday, March 9, 2009

Yes I'm Back; Disney Recap: Animal Kingdom

Sorry for the long absence. I'll explain later, but for now I want to wrap up the Disney Recap.

I just love love love Animal Kingdom. I'm not sure exactly why. Maybe it's the face-painting. And the beautiful wild animals. And the face-painting. Anyway ... here's the photo recap ....

Allen enjoying a chocolate milkshake
Allen sitting perfectly still for the face-painter. He really did sit very still. More still than I sat. It was so adorable. And just in case anyone wondered, we let him decide if he wanted to get his face painted, and not only did he say that he did, but he picked out the tiger (roar) for himself.
Here we all are after getting all "done up." While Allen did want to get his face painted and sat so still for the artist, when he saw himself in the mirror, he kind of whimpered and burrowed into my shoulder (hence his pose in this picture). He did not want to see himself in a mirror at all the rest of the day. Apparently being a tiger is not all it's cracked up to be (though now he has fond memories of it). Close-up of "pretty mommy."
A tiger and a rhino (oh and an Uncle Josh too)
Two tigers!!
Allen pets a goat
And a sheep (am I the only one who gets grossed-out by petting zoos? I could barely photograph this stuff ...)
Allen finally meets (safari) Mickey
We meet up with Goofy again, camper/safari-style.
And we get to meet Donald!
He is soooo in love with Minnie. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. And he still talks about meeting her.
More to come ...


drevas said...

This is my favorite photo of Allen and Josh. Very playful and spontaneous moment.

KMag said...

I, too, like the photo of Josh with the rhino, er, I mean Allen.