Thursday, March 26, 2009

You'll shoot your eye out, kid

Tonight Allen and I were at the meeting without Daddy. Poor Daddy is still recovering from his cold and was just beat. So Nana picked Mommy and Allen up for the meeting and off we went.

I don't know what Daddy said to Allen while he was getting him dressed for meeting, but Allen was in a fantastic mood! He dropped his cars and went right to Nana's car (we don't bring cars to meeting). He was excited about going to meeting. And for the first half of the meeting, he was pretty darn good!

He did start to get a little fidgety about half-way through, which is to be expected considering that the meeting starts at Allen's bedtime. But he did really well for the most part. We went to the back (to the Ladies' room) once to talk. I made the mistake of putting Allen down while I was talking to someone, and he managed to lock himself into a stall. Thank goodness they make those stalls easy to break into!

We went back to the seat, and Allen got ahold of Nana's glasses. This is always touchy with me because glasses are supposed to be a no-no (given that Mommy and Daddy need their glasses to see in general), but Nana usually gives into Allen's request. Anyway, Allen gets Nana's reading glasses and launches into the "hello" game. For those of you who have not had the joy of witnessing this, the "hello" game is something I came up with at a restaurant once when Allen was getting fussy. Allen was playing with my sunglasses, and I pulled them down, looked over them, and said, "Hello" in a silly low voice. Then I pulled them up above my eyes, and said "hello" in a silly high voice. Allen has never forgotten this game, and plays it ALL THE TIME.

Anyway, back to my story ... so he launches into the "hello" game in the middle of the meeting! In a normal voice (we only whisper during meeting). So here I am trying to yell at him, when he basically looks like the pictures below (these photos were staged at our house after the meeting).
I almost lost it! Doesn't he look just like the little boy in A Christmas Story??

Well, it's almost midnight and the monkey is now in bed with us (requesting yellow crackers ... don't ask ... I don't know what it means either), so I'd better sign off.



drevas said...

Hilarious! Love the bow tie too. How cute is that.

KMag said...

You're right, he does look much like the little guy from the movie. Did you figure out what "yellow" crackers are?