Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Silly genious

Finally ... I was able to get his improved ABC skills on camera ... please enjoy!!

After that, he was just a big ham. He's so goofy. He wanted to talk to McQueen, Chick, and King (from Cars), and Nemo on the phone (we "arranged" for some of those calls). Then, when I tried to take some photos of him, he made faces at the camera:

What a goofball!!!




KMag said...

A goofball he is! Did those other characters call from a cell phone, perhaps? I might be able to do Dora from Nemo. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

PERFECT!!!! Great ABC's, Allen - Love you! MOM-MOM

drevas said...

Love his little smile at the end of the video. He is so proud of himself, as he should be. Those brains plus that look in the third photo - you guys are going to be fighting off the girls with a stick (or some other less violent way).