Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Allenisms; progress

My kid has been especially cute lately. For instance, last night he asked me to read him Where the Wild Things Are like four times (which reminds me ... have you seen the trailer for the movie?). So this morning he's sitting on my bed, and he looks at me and says, "I'm gonna beat you up!" I opened my mouth to scold him, and then realized that he was trying to say, "I'm gonna eat you up," (or I'll eat you up) like Max and the Wild Things say. We spent the next time pretending to eat each other up.

He also randomly says, "I love you, Mommy" (and Daddy). My heart completely melts each time I hear that.

He says some other really cute things right now too ... here's a list:
  • "Popstick" (chapstick)
  • "Jumping balls" (cotton balls)
  • "Where's the yion?" (lion) -- apparently there is usually an imaginary lion chasing him
  • "Peese don't cip my nails!" (usually said while crying) -- He doesn't like me to clip his nails at all. It takes a LOT of gummy bears to get him to agree to it.
  • "I'm sniffin' my butt" -- this is his response to me as he's laying on the floor and being unusually quiet. I don't know where he got this from (Daddy?), and I'm not sure that I like that he's saying it. But you've gotta admit it's pretty funny.
  • He sings ... a lot. Like all the time. Usually it's the ABCs. Sometimes he breaks into the Kingdom Song "Life Without End at Last," but he usually only sings a few words and then goes back to the ABCs. Or else, he just goes around singing people's names, like "Mommy and Daddy" over and over again.

I know there are more, but I'm just drawing a complete blank right now. So I'll move onto these pictures.

As some of you know, Allen's having trouble staying in his bed all night. So, we've been trying to work with him on it, and we've told him that when he sleeps in his bed all night for lots of nights (enough that we feel it's a habit), he can get this toy ... To offer more motivation, we bought him this little progress chart, and Daddy drew a picture of a bus for him (Mommy colored it). It's now on his wall next to his crib. So far, we've only got one sticker, but at least it's something.

In other progress related news, my son is preoccupied with brushing his teeth "by mysef aw (all) day," as he told me this evening. Here are a few shots.

Lovely "baggy pants" look he's got going on ... he's too skinny and his pants are always falling off

Allen brushing his teeth, which is really more like sucking the toothpaste off and chewing on the bristles

Rinsing and spitting
Pearly whites!



KMag said...

I love it! Too, too cute! My friends' 5 year old like to talk "toilet." They are continually trying to break him of it. I think "I'm sniffin' by butt" might qualify as "toilet" talk. My friends tell their little guy that talk like that is only okay in the bathroom.

It's a start anyway.

PWNort64 said...

Yes, we have a "no bathroom talk" policy, as well, not that it is always abided by.

Is that car motorized? How cool. Henry has a nascar racecar that he drives around our cul-d-saq.