Thursday, March 12, 2009

Did you miss me?

So, I started this next post almost two weeks ago. But life has been a little crazier than usual, so I haven't gotten to finish it until now. Some updates on our crazy life before I share the cuteness that is my son helping his Daddy put together furniture ...

  • My business partner (a.k.a. Mom/Nana) got sick, so I was at the shop more than usual.
  • She managed to recover and then leave for a week, so I continued to be at the shop more than usual.
  • We hired a new babysitter -- Miss "S" -- who is absolutely awesome. However, it means that we're back to evenings in which Allen and Mommy are joined at the hip until bedtime (makes it hard to cook dinner/pay bills/use the bathroom).
  • We "sprang" forward which messed Allen up a little bit with bedtime. We had one night of it taking two hours (one of mommy singing over and over) to get to bed, and a few in which he tried to bargain with us to stay up later (this involved agreeing to the "last" book, and then demanding another one once we were done). We seem to be over that now though.

Many of the nights the past few weeks, I have not even sat down until around 10:00, and as my husband pointed out, I don't exactly blog quickly ... so I decided it was in my best interests to wait until I could start a little earlier.

So now without further ado, my adorable son ...

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drevas said...

I'm with Allen on the time change thing. Of course, I am a grown-up (right?) so I can go to bed when I want (one of the major advantages to being grown-up), but I'm even more grumpy when I have to get up in the morning an hour earlier!