Monday, March 9, 2009

Disney Recap: Magic Kingdom Second Time Around

At this point of the trip, things started to get bittersweet. Doing Magic Kingdom for the second day, meant that our trip was coming to a close. I tried really hard not to dwell on it and to focus on what we definitely wanted to do ...

So we rode Aladdin first. "Jasmine" and "Aladdin" were on the ride too. I wonder what you had to do to ride with them??

Then we went to our lunch with Winnie-the-Pooh and Friends. We met Piglet first, but we don't have a shot of that because most of us were at the buffet getting our lunch. Piglet did a lovely job of calming Allen down though (he was upset that he couldn't have ice cream for lunch). Then we met Eeyore ...

Tigger came by next. He was awesome. He messed up Papa's hair, he greeted us all. Allen was so excited to meet him!

And finally, we got to meet Winnie-the-Pooh. Allen was very happy.

Before I move onto the next picture, I'd like to offer a tip/suggestion/piece of advice to other parents going to Disney and reserving any kind of character meal. Your children do not need to chase after the characters. Each and every character will visit with every single table in the restaurant. When children run up to the characters at someone else's table it does three things. 1) It infringes on the time that the rightful table (child) has with the character; 2) it makes the "chasing" child look like a brat; and 3) it makes the parents of the children who sat patiently and waited for their turns think that the parents of the "chasing" child are obnoxious morons. You don't want that, do you? I didn't think so.

Anyhoo ... moving on ...

Allen got to meet Buzz Lightyear (or as he calls him, Buzz Yightyeah). While Toy Story was a relatively new movie to Allen, he totally got into meeting Buzz and riding the Buzz ride.
Other non-photographed highlights of the day included Allen riding with Mommy and Daddy on the test-track (go-carts on a forced track), the adults riding Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Brian kicking butt on the Buzz Lightyear ride.


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KMag said...

You are too funny working your little tirade into the blog. Yes, parents who escort their children to other tables to meet the characters (you know as well as I that this is what actually happened)are indeed morons and are setting a horrible example. No wonder we see so many bratty kids.

I have piglet pictures. Did I not post them?