Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beaufort Twilight Run

So, I mentioned the other day that this past Saturday was the 1st Annual Beaufort Twilight Run, which benefited the Riverview Charter School (Allen's future school, I hope). Ms. J did a ridiculously wonderful job organizing the event; therefore everyone had a fabulous time. I believe there were over 600 in attendance, and I know lots of money was raised for the school.

Anyway, on a more personal note (this is a blog about the Peanut, after all), here are some highlights of our evening.

The WeeStream (you know, like the Airstream trailer) -- a playhouse that will be auctioned off during Riverview Charter School's Playhouse Palooza 2009 (don't you want it in your backyard?)

Allen playing in the WeeStream. Allen spent the entire evening either playing in or trying to get to the WeeStream. Yes, we will be bidding on this playhouse (even though we're sponsoring/helping build another one).
We're used to Allen being a big hit when we're out-and-about, but after Saturday, we've realized that Murphy is also quite the crowd-pleaser. As we were taking Allen over to get ready for the kid's fun run, Brian noticed this adorable kid admiring Murph. So, he went back to make sure he got to pet him. Both Murphy and this sweetheart were delighted at the encounter.
Here we are nearing the finish-line. Yes, I'm carrying Allen, and yes, we're pretty much the last people in line. Hey, I don't run, and I especially don't run with a 30-pound child in my arms.
Allen making himself at home with the hot trainers from Lowcountry Health & Fitness. He just sat right down next to them and started talking.


KMag said...

Sounds like a blast. I'll chip in $25 for your bid on the WeeStreamer. Not a lot, but I figure every little bit counts, right?

drevas said...

Great pics. Looks like a very fun day.