Saturday, March 14, 2009

The smartest kid ever

I am not biased. In the least. My kid just happens to be a genius. Don't believe me? Watch this (and keep in mind that he's not even 2 1/2 yet) ...

See! I told you he's a genius. Smartest.Kid.Ever. Seriously. It gets better, too (well, sort of ... I have not gotten successful video of this yet, so you just have to take my word for it). By the day after this video, he was including the letter "E" and he stopped saying, "H, I, J, I'm OK" and just said, "H, I, J, K." Granted, he started saying, "Oh no P" afterwards. But he quickly moved on from that an says, "N, O" pretty clearly. We're now missing L and M. But I'm sure he'll get those very shortly.

Some other cute/smart things he has said or done this week ...

  • "Shoo bugs ... stinkin' bugs." In response to the gnats we have blessed with here lately.
  • His new favorite thing -- thanks to Miss "S" is picnics. Apparently they don't lunch when she's here. They picnic. So much cooler ...
  • We recently got him these Cars juice treats. He loves to bit the tires off the cars, and then say (a la Cars the movie), "Oh no! [insert car name here] blew a tire!"
  • Singing, "Yay yay yay" when he knows Miss "S" is going to arrive soon.
  • He finally got to "give people tacts" out in service Tuesday. He was very happy about it and proud of himself (and so were Mommy and Daddy of course).
  • "Murphy, yet go of that tail!" He yells this to Murphy as he tries to grab his tail and drag him around the room.
  • "I was being naughty," he told us as we left meeting Thursday night. And he was right, he was pretty naughty that night.

That's all I can think of for now. Hopefully I'll get a nice video of his current ABC skills soon!



KMag said...

Now if only he would punish himself. Identifying the naughtiness is a good start, though.

drevas said...

Very impressive with the ABC's.