Sunday, January 25, 2009

Allenisms, Part V

The latest installment of Allenisms ...
  • Macky an cheese. He's been ordering for himself a lot lately, and this is how he orders Macaroni and cheese.
  • On your mooork, get set, go! (on your mark ...)
  • I sink so. (I think so)
  • Acshy (actually)
  • Mees or mines (mine)
  • Muphy Hengicks Caig!
  • Ayen Huntuh Caig

Today, Daddy was holding him after meeting, and I was talking to someone. He leaned over, tapped my face (or slapped it lightly), and said, "Yegyuh, hon. It's time to go now!" (Yegyuh is how he says Allegra). He's too much!!



KMag said...

Yeguh, hon, I miss you bunches! See you soon!

Megan Lynn said...