Monday, January 5, 2009

*Sniff* My Big Boy *Sniff Sniff*

We cut his hair tonight. All that gorgeous hair is gone, and he's once again my big boy :(

We're off to Atlanta tomorrow. Posting will be limited, but I will try to keep you up-to-date on all the cuteness that is my child (if my husband and mother-in-law cooperate ... since they'll be spending the most time with him. I will be at market with Nana).



KMag said...

your big boy, no matter how big he gets will always be your baby.

PWNort64 said...

Yep, my big boy baby also got all his hair cut off to make up for a really bad haircut. Now he wants to keep it that way! :-(

Have fun in Atlanta!

Warren said...

He is cute no matter what length --but I prefer it longer. It will grow back and he doesn't really know the diff.